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Mo/MoV series
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Chinese and American stainless steels; the manufacturers are unknown with the exception of 14-4CrMo which is manufactured by Latrobe Specialty Metals.
(sorted by first number.)
14-4CrMo, Manufactured by Latrobe Specialty Metals. A wear resistant, martensitic stainless tool steel that exhibits better corrosion resistance than type 440C stainless steel.
3CR13MoV, A Chinese steel; made by adding molybdenum and vanadium to the 420J2-3Cr13 formula.
5Cr13MoV, It is similar to 5Cr15MoV, the hardness could be HRC 56-58. It is widely used to make high-end scissors, folding knives and hunting knives, etc.
6CR12MoV, It is also similar to 6Cr14MoV, 6Cr14 which are also created by Ahonest Changjiang Stainless steel Co.,Ltd. They are produced as per customers' requests. For 6Cr14MoV grade, the hardness could be HRC 60. It is good at making razors, surgical instruments.
7CR13MoV, The big difference between 7Cr13MoV and 7Cr17MoV is the content of chromium. 7Cr13MoV has less tensile strength, hardness and resistance to wear when compared with 7Cr17MoV.
7CR17MoV, A Chinese stainless steel compared to 440A.
8CR13MoV, A Chinese stainless steel tempered at the Rc56 to Rc58 range and used in Spyderco's, Kershaw's, and other quality knife maker's budget lines of knives. For example, Kershaw's Crown II is one of the few "name brand steel" folders that can be had for under $20 (in 2013). 8CR13MoV is often talked about in terms of a high-end budget steel. Early Byrd (the Spyderco budget line) 8CR13MoV knives were marked 440C, but tests found that the steel was something entirely different from American 440C. According to Sal Glesser, owner of Spyderco, this steel was closer to AUS-8 (AUS8) than American 440C.[43] 8CR13MoV is often compared to AUS-8 and 440B,[44] but it has slightly more Carbon.
8CR14MoV, A Chinese steel with similar performance characteristics to AUS-8. An excellent value priced steel for its performance.
9Cr18Mo, A higher end Chinese stainless steel used mostly in high-end barbering scissors and surgical tools.







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